How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior?

How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior?

Having the paint job of your home redone is one of the ways you can revamp your home’s appeal. Although most homeowners prefer that their painting job last a lifetime, unfortunately, even the best painting job will start to fade away after 5-10 years. 

How soon you will need to redo your home interior paint job is largely dependent on several factors. Some of these factors include the part of the home that needs to be painted, the painter’s expertise, the maintenance culture, and the paint quality. 

Getting quality paint is pretty easy, as numerous vendors offer that. However, finding an excellent painting contractor could be a bit difficult. Suppose you are in Brisbane and you are finding it hard to find quality painting contractors; you can see Surepaint for residential painting in Brisbane. 

How Often Should Your Interior Walls Be Painted?

In a typical home, some walls should be repainted more often than others. This is because some parts of the house are exposed to more footfall than others. In the house, the living room and dining room walls are more exposed than most other parts of the house. However, if the paint job was done with quality paints and by a professional, it should last for as long as five to seven years.

The kitchen and bathroom walls are another well-exposed part of the home’s interior. The walls in these areas are prone to more dirt than others because people often mess it up unconsciously. For example, food could splatter on the walls, or you could rub your messy fingers on the wall. The bathroom walls are also exposed to the same level of dirt. Assuming a quality paint job was done, you should expect to repaint the walls of these parts of the home at least once every three to five years.

The bedrooms and hallways are less exposed areas in the home, which means their walls will require less frequent paint jobs than other parts of the house. Although if you have kids, their room walls will require more frequent repainting than the adults’ rooms because kids will always be messy. With a quality paint job done, the hallway and adults’ bedroom should be repainted at least three to seven years, while the kids’ bedroom should be repainted at least once every two to three years.

How Often Should Your Interior Ceiling Be Painted?

The ceiling is also part of the interior in the home and requires painting from time to time. When the ceiling is repainted, it brightens up the room. In most homes, the ceilings are painted white, and over time, the paint fades or has yellow spots popping up because of moisture, sunlight, and wear. If the ceiling is not painted on time to cover the fade or yellow areas, the home’s appeal will be ruined. The good thing is that your ceiling paint jobs could last as much as ten years before repainting them. 

How Often Should Your Trim And Baseboards Be Painted?

The interior trims and baseboard are also essential parts of your home you shouldn’t ignore when painting the house. Areas like the window trims, cabinets, doors, and decorative woodwork should be painted often, as many people in the home often touch them. Over time, the painting on these parts of the house will wear or chip off. If these parts are not painted or maintained when due, you may have to replace them, as the paint may no longer suffice. 

To avoid such expenses, you should pay keen attention to the maintenance of these parts of your homes’ interior and paint them when due. Depending on the part of the home they are located in, they should be repainted at least once every two to four years.

Your Paint Job’s Maintenance Culture

For your paint job to last long, you have to have a good maintenance culture. This would save you time, money, and other resources in the long run. Ensure that you dust and wipe dirt surfaces in the home regularly. Paint jobs in the kitchen and bathroom should be wiped with soap and water at least once every one or two weeks. Also, ensure that you don’t use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents to clean your paint jobs.

If you feel a part of your house needs repainting, but you are unsure if the time to do so is now, you can always reach out to an expert to help you decide. 

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