Health Care Professionals On Social Media: Beneficial Or Risky?

Health Care Professionals On Social Media: Beneficial Or Risky?

Healthcare is a flourishing industry in the millennial era. Especially after the post-pandemic era. We know for a fact that this industry is something that will be forever valuable to society. The validity of its existence is just more than humankind itself. Healthcare and remedial actions have always served the best of any nation and with the rise of social media, this has become a major awareness topic. 

Before the existence of healthcare and medicine on social media, it was an untouched terrain that only experts (who are few and conduct extensive studies) could analyse or make a remark on the medical community but after the grand exposure where doctors decided to show up on media and make healthcare affordable and reachable to everyone, this subject has become more prominent and vulnerable to discussions. Videos on Tiktok about a doc saving lives, a practising medical student sharing his opinion, and nurses spreading awareness go viral every day. It is indeed safe to say that we are at a stage of revolutionary beginnings where “the unknown” territories of the med-field are finally being explored. 

If you are a doctor or any sort of medical expert trying to create such awareness and spread information for the right cause, this might be it. This might be your chance to get that audience base of your own.  You can start with Instagram for say, all you have to do is, find a relevant niche, create consistent content, maybe buy Instagram views for the initial success or exposure and boom! You’re all set to become the most popular version of yourself. 

The opportunities that social media comes with are vast, we mean VAST! There are only a few who don’t recognise the potential of this term and how gigantic it can be. So whether you realise or not, medicine has stepped out of its nerdy and reserved self to be that cool influencer we all need. 

Beneficial Or Risky? 

That said, we all know that everything comes with its own risks involved. The topic suggested already that we’re going to discuss the majority of what wins. Major risks = the trend fails, major benefits = it’s a win-win situation out there. 

By the way, did you also know that there’s a whole healthcare club on twiter with over 1400 docs giving advice for free each day? Intriguing right? Well, that’s what the internet in its truest sense is. 

Let’s dive into some more interesting characteristics or must we say BENEFITS of healthcare in social media. 

  • Education and Promotion: One of the major lessons we have learned through the whole pandemic situation is the importance of right information and moreover, access to the right education about any cause. It becomes so much easier to think and analyse any situation if you’re rightly informed. One of the best gifts of pandemic was : Healthline professionals coming out and highlighting all the facts and myths related to medical issues concerned. Unlike Google where the information paradox exists forever, social media is ranked slightly higher when it comes to explaining complex information in simple words. With doctors being on social media, they not only get to promote their expertise but also get to study people better, which in result can get us improved medical facilities and healthcare advice.
  • The Community Exposure : The brand gets a new recognition after establishing itself on social media. Similarly, our docs get to build a healthy community via this platform. We all need a community or at least a few people to rely back on, social media gifts Doctors that. We for sure think it is totally valid and needed. Especially after all those years where their skills are tested through such hard parameters. 
  • The comfort bursted myths provide: After all the good information and beneficial advice our doctors give us, one thing that nothing else could match is : Bursted Myths. People make assumptions all the time. It’s natural and human, unless it’s an unhealthy assumption reaching a mass of people and causing the symptoms of stress and anxiety in them. Social media is a hub of such myths, but thanks to the doc team working here. They recognise the health related myths going by on social media and improve the environment by deleting them out. Isn’t it so novel? We think it is for sure! 


Despite stating the super beneficial aspects of getting on social media as a healthcare professional, we acknowledge that there are cons to it as well, raging and community hate on doctors, people disguising themselves as “professionals” and spreading misinformation, manipulation of information by different categories are a few illustrations of that. But until the pros are the heavier side of weight, we think it’s overall absolutely perfect to be a healthcare influencer.