Guide To Convertible Soft Top Replacement

Guide To Convertible Soft Top Replacement

A convertible top replacement is a car repair that results in the conversion of a convertible top into a soft top. It is also called a soft top conversion or convertible top replacement. It is a type of convertible top repair, when a convertible top is damaged or worn out. The convertible top is a large fabric roof, used to provide shade and protection from the elements while driving or traveling.

Getting your convertible top into a soft top replacement is a simple procedure that can be completed in under an hour, and many people have done this for themselves with only a few minor issues. However, some people simply do not know how to do this at all, and as a result, they can wind up with a product that will not fit properly, or may not even want to install a soft top at all.

Kinds of Convertible Tops

Most convertible tops are either motorized or manually operated, meaning you can choose whether to press a button or pull down on the mast. The hydraulic lift cylinders in many power tops, known as rams, have small motors and are powered by hydraulic fluid when they operate. If your top’s components break down it is easy to get replacements at affordable costs--the cost of rebuilding them yourself may even be lower than that of purchasing new ones.

Vinyl and fabric are the two types of convertible top materials. The top will survive roughly ten years under normal conditions, but if it is exposed to extreme changes in weather then that lifespan can be drastically shorter. A plastic window will last about 60% of the lifetime depending on how much light gets through and how often you wash it; clear vinyl windows retain their clarity for up to ten years (40 gauge) while a scratch-resistant clear vinyl lasts three times as long as conventional clear vinyls.

How Much Does Convertible Top Replacement Cost?

The cost of having to purchase a new convertible top depends on the make and model. The price largely varies depending on what type of material is used in manufacturing, as well as which assemblers were hired for installation. Other factors that contribute to this price range are how many rivets or staples must be replaced, whether any cables need reattaching after removal, etc., along with other costs such as adhesive glue and labor involved in replacement work.

In the case of a DIY application, you’ll need to invest around $300 in parts. Depending on your vehicle’s make and model and whether you have a soft-top or hard top, this price may vary from dealer to dealer. Professional service providers charge about $1,000 for an installation usually at an authorized dealership although it is worth noting that changing the roof at your local mechanic could be less expensive than going through official channels.

Can a convertible top be repaired?

If you want to learn and practice basic skills for fixing a convertible top, it will help you save the costs of having this done in a service garage. Sometimes these repairs are simple enough that vehicle owners can do them without assistance. Learning how to fix up your convertible top allows for new abilities that would otherwise be beyond what an auto mechanic could offer their clients.

If you know what to do, a convertible top repair may not require the help of a mechanic. Some repairs are just as easy for someone with average skills to complete on their own. Sometimes being able to fix your own car is even more valuable than paying out for it in service garage fees or waiting weeks and months until new parts arrive

Final Words

There is no doubt that car owners have a lot to learn about the replacing of a convertible top. Buying a soft top for your car is a big decision and it is also a major undertaking if you decide to do the installation yourself. But, with the proper information and a little know-how, you can have a new soft top installed on your convertible.