Guide for Mesh tarp as a shading tool and privacy screen in property

mesh trap

If you need some shade in your backyard, mesh is certainly your cup of tea as long as the moisture sipping through the top in the event of rains doesn’t miff you. You can practically install a mesh tarp anywhere. The process is simple and fast. If you have the correct dimensions of the product for the concerned area, you can do it in a breeze.

  • Opening up the mesh tarp is the first step. Just lay it out and make sure it’s the proper area. After opening it fully, secure the grommets and ensure there’s no fraying.
  • The next step is to attach the bungees or strong bungee cables. Depending on the number of grommets you’re anchoring down, you need to have the right amount of ball bungees. Attach them to the mesh tarp
  • The ultimate step is to anchor down the cables. Whether you’ve installed poles or spots at the back of your den, attach the bungees to the main areas for suspending the tarp. 

If the poles are missing, you’ll need to suspend the tarp. 

Using tarps as privacy screens

A mesh tarp doesn’t make the catchiest privacy screen and you wouldn’t like it for long-term use, but they do work well to render temporary privacy for family functions and parties. You can use mesh tarps for screening the area by almost 90% while allowing substantial wind to pass through the products.

  • These tarps require a sturdy and solid support frame. And don’t worry. The poles don’t cause major damage to your garden and backyard.
  • Lay it flat on the ground surface. Measure its actual length and the distance between each grommet along its sides.
  • While installing the tarp as a proper privacy screen, you’ll find the long edges running horizontally. The short sides have a vertical slope.
  • Cut two pieces of EMT or electrical metallic tubing or GRC (galvanized rigid conduit). Use a circular saw or hacksaw with a dedicated carbide blade for cutting through the conduit. 
  • You need the extra length to bury the poles and securing them. Measure the ground to ensure a vertical pole position and mark it.
  • It must equal the tarp’s longer length. Place the poles into the ground to get a proper depth, which is one-third of the mesh tarp. 
  • Measure each distance between the elbow fittings inside hub and cut another piece of GRC or EMT to the actual length. 

Three primary ways

There are three main methods of installing mesh tarps. The first one is using structures or trees, a frame installation, and a pole installation. 

  • The easiest method to accomplish the first one is to string the tarpaulin or build structures on your premises
  • Tie a rope to every four corner and you’re good to go. The installation’s sole tricky component is to determine the appropriate tie-down spots sans running the ropes far away. 
  • Do remember that if your rope is long, it’ll be more difficult for maintaining a solid tension. 

Experts recommend pulling your truck close to a barn or garage near the trees. 

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