Get your hands a perfect look through fat transfer to hand surgery.

Get your hands a perfect look through fat transfer to hand surgery.

What is baldness?

Baldness or hair loss is a condition that causes permanent hair loss from the scalp. Baldness can also be defined as having la small amount of hair or no hair on the head. Nowadays hair loss or baldness is very common and the majority of the adult population suffers from untimely baldness. Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is a hereditary condition that is a most common pattern of baldness seen in males.

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that includes the techniques of removing healthy hair follicles from one part of the body to the recipient site or scalp. This transplant helps a person in the recovery of old natural looking hairs at the bald areas of the scalp. A person with the problem of excessive hair loss, baldness or thinning of hair can go for hair transplant surgery and combat his or her problem of bald scalp.

What is the benefit of hair transplant surgery?

An individual can go for hair transplant surgery if he or she wants long-lasting and guaranteed results.

This Cosmo-surgical procedure can provide a natural-looking appearance after six to nine months of surgery.

Hair transplant surgeries are normally a safe procedure until someone doesn’t have any physical reaction problems. If you want hair transplant surgery then the best hair transplant in ludhiana.

What do you mean by fat transfer to hand?

Fat transfer to hands or fat grafting to hands is a surgical procedure that involves the grafting of fat from someone’s body parts to hands for achieving smooth hands. This is a cosmetic procedure carried out by plastic or cosmetic surgeons under local anesthesia. The results of this type of fat harvesting are permanent once the fat is grafted to the select areas of the tissue of the hands. During this surgical procedure, small incisions are made at the back of the hand that is dorsum and after this surgeon makes the empty areas for the grafting of the fat cells inside the tissue.

What are the benefits of fat transfer to hand?

Fat transfer to hands or fat harvesting to hand is a Cosmo-surgical procedure that is mostly done by aged population for aging hands.

This procedure helps the aged patients to once again re-contour the smoothest and finest hands.

The results of this fat grafting procedure are permanent because the transplanted fat cells generally develop the blood vessels by their own for surviving.

Why to choose fat transfer to hand surgery in Punjab?

The reason is very clear as in Punjab you will get experienced doctors who will perform your surgery. Many people choose fat transfer to hand surgery in Punjab and they are satisfied with their results. You can check out the whole surgical procedure by booking an appointment with them. They will even tell you the estimated cost of the surgery.