Fashion: It’s Literally the Only Thing That Matters

Fashion: It’s Literally the Only Thing That Matters

First, let’s talk about fashion basics. Fashion basics are the elements that make up your look. I can’t stress this enough: FASHION IS A LANGUAGE! And just like any language, there are rules and guidelines to follow that will help you fit in with everyone else who is speaking the same language as you. Let’s start with your foundation: clothes!

 It’s best to get a little bit of everything in every color so that whatever you wear, it looks good on you. If nothing else, this will help absolutely guarantee that you’ll never leave the house without looking put together and feeling at least somewhat confident about yourself. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have back ups if one of those pieces breaks or goes missing (it happens). I’d say have three solid shirts in different colors (white is always a great “go-to” shirt), two solid pants or skirts (again going for different colors here), a skirt suit/pants suit (you’re going to want at least one nice outfit for interviews and such), three nice jackets/blazers (one leather and two others), four skirts/pants, two dresses/skirts and finally something dressy to pair with your jacket like a blouse or sweater set depending on what season it is. I like to dress in comfortable fashion so I always have a good pair of jeans, a couple pairs of shorts, three or four nice tees and one really nice blouse. It is also very important to have some sort of scarves and/or jewelry that goes with your outfits. This can be something simple like a scarf or an anklet or necklace, but something that you’ll be able to wear with everything you own at least once.

 Now let’s talk about shoes! Shoes are the most important part in my opinion when it comes to fashion. If you’re not comfortable in what’s on your feet, then nothing else matters. You’ve got to make sure the shoes fit right and feel great on your feet so they don’t hurt while standing all day long (especially if it is a pair of heels). I’d say start off with one basic black pair (a flat), one brown/tan flat and two other pairs: different colored heels in two different heights (one high heel block heel and another stiletto). To add balance, go for different types of sandals as well for summer wear: wedges, gladiators or strappy sandals are all great options! Sneakers are also very popular now days – so maybe throw them into the mix if you’re looking for a comfier option from time-to-time too.

 Alright, now let’s talk about how to do your hair and make up. Hair and make up are the most important things in my opinion when it comes to fashion. When I’m getting ready in the morning I always start with my make up first, then finish off with my hair (I’ll explain why later on). First thing’s first: eyeliner! You need at least one good black pencil eyeliner that you can easily put on quickly with a little bit of practice. Once you’ve got that down pat, try out different colored eye shadows – they don’t have to be expensive either! Just stay away from the really cheap ones no matter what brand they are because they will literally fall apart after just a few uses. You’ll want at least two different colors (one shimmery for day and one matte for night) once you’re comfortable with your one basic black pencil liner. Once you’ve got your eye make up down, then try out different shades of lipstick (I like to keep two: one nude and a red). Also – don’t forget to get a good lip gloss as well! It’s also pretty important to have some sort of mascara. I’d say start off with one basic mascara and from there pick up another depending on what look you’re going for.

 Now that we’ve got your basics down, let’s talk about accessories! Accessories are key when it comes to style. You can take any outfit and make it look completely different just by adding in a new bracelet or necklace or change out your earrings (which is why I do my hair last). You’ll want at least five nice bracelets: three solid colors in gold, silver or bronze; one beaded string paracord bracelet; and finally one chunky chain bracelet for nights out on the town. Five necklaces will get you started as well with two gold chains and three other types of necklaces like chokers or short necklaces (with some sort of pendant). Same goes for earrings – five pairs should be enough along with three rings in different metals/colors depending on what season it is. And remember – don’t forget the jewelry bag/box so they stay organized! Your shoe collection will probably start off small but eventually grow into something more substantial if you have the room for them all.

 If you’re going out on the town, I always like to go a little bit extra with my hair and make up (especially if I haven’t done it that day) by adding in some eyeliner and mascara to my eyes along with a little bit more blush and wearing more eye shadow than usual. This is one of the best ways to add some pizzazz to your look! If you’re looking for a more casual look, then put on some nice jeans, one of your nice tees or blouses depending on what season it is along with shoes. The most important thing about fashion is that you should feel good about yourself – so don’t be afraid to dress how YOU want too!

 I hope this helps someone who might not know where to start when it comes time for their closet overhaul. Fashion really can be intimidating – but it’s also fun! Don’t forget fashion is something that everyone has their own opinion about and there are no right or wrong answers here… just do what makes you happy 🙂