Famous & Noteworthy People from Calgary

The great city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is home to about a million people in 2021, and for good reason. It’s got an important place as the host of the Calgary Stampede, has played a major role in Canada’s oil industry over the years, and has been the origin point of a number of famous or otherwise noteworthy people.

Anyone who has ever gone after one of the Calgary homes for sale probably knows how happy the city’s residents are to live there, and that applies both to the common person and the major or minor celebrity who has called this place home at one time or another.

Now, we can’t promise you that you’ll see any of these people when you move to Calgary, but for the sake of interest, here are three noteworthy human beings who hail from Calgary (but who may or may not have located themselves elsewhere at some point).

Elisha Cuthbert

You may know Elisha Cuthbert best as Kim Bauer from the American crime drama series 24, but on top of that, she has gone on to appear in numerous other productions of varied subject matter. These have included the 2004 comedy The Girl Next Door, the 2007 black comedy He Was a Quiet Man, and the 2015 TV series One Big Happy. Cuthbert has come across as a sensible actress in anything she’s done, and Calgary is where it all began.

Steven Ogg

Steven Ogg is next up on our list of Calgary’s finest. This unique character-type actor is perhaps most famous today for his truly memorable voice and performance-capture role as Trevor Phillips in the best-selling 2013 video game Grand Theft Auto V. Motion-capture, by the way, is when actors wear little dots on their bodies and act out the parts of their characters that are then animated for the screen. It’s usually pretty cool when actors look like their computerized counterparts.

After that, Ogg went on to appear on The Walking Dead and Westworld. He is definitely a real one whose life also started in the wonderful city of Calgary.

Senator Ted Cruz

In American politics today, you’ll often hear the name of U.S. senator from Texas Ted Cruz. Many people do know this about him, but the man was actually born in Calgary despite being so closely associated with the state of Texas.

Although Cruz was born in Calgary and will always be able to call the city his birthplace, he moved to Houston when he was young and never looked back. Cruz, of course, went on to make a name for himself in the U.S. Senate and as a presidential candidate.

A number of other somewhat-known celebrities are from Calgary, as well, but it’s all just to say that this is a place that’s great to live in and that has produced a number of prominent figures in the world.

So, if you’re moving there, know it’s a positive, forward-thinking city that has nurtured numerous successful individuals over the years. We think you’ll enjoy calling Calgary home.

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