Even More Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Even More Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Corona has impacted every aspect of our lives. While it’s easy to list all the negatives, there is an upside to it. Working from home was first viewed as a necessity, but has now become the norm. With it comes a whole slew of positive things, and it has changed our lives for the better. But again, with each change comes the good and the bad. Our health has been in focus ever since the pandemic made us realise how valuable it is. Taking care of our bodies while working makes us live a long and prosperous life, according to CTN News. We take care of them now so can they repay the favour later. And standing desks are part of that.

1. It’s awesome for your back

Slouching back in your chair or beanbag for a prolonged period is how most of us work. All the while being blissfully unaware that sitting is killing us. Our bodies are built and made to be in motion. Sitting down causes us to gain weight, higher blood pressure, disk injuries, lower back pain and the list goes on. Having a standing desk eliminates all of these and gives your back and leg muscles a chance to exercise.

Moderation and variety are the spice of life. Instead of sitting down for eight hours, try to stand for six and sit for two while you work. With a stronger back, your posture will soon follow, and you will say bye bye to slouched shoulders. Neck pain is next in the line that’s going away, as you have now given your body a fighting chance. Your back is crucial for the well-being of your entire body, so any help is welcome.

2. Weight loss

While sitting, munching on snacks and gorging comes naturally. Since there is nothing else to do, we are practically trained to eat while we sit. One by one, these meals stack up. Add to that that a sedimentary lifestyle doesn’t cause you to lose calories, and you have a great recipe for obesity and deteriorating health. Having a standing desk change all of that since you are obliged to, well stand. Positioning your laptop on a good platform and working standing up will cause your muscles to work and burn more calories. Such a workstyle will also cause you to think about other things than stuffing yourself with snacks.

3. You will be productive

Sitting back and relaxing on your chair, leaning back, twirling around, and other activities lead to boredom. You are looking for something to do because your body is bored. It wants to move, to do something, but you are depriving it of options. Our bodies are made for action, and when you are doing any form of exercise, it produces serotonin, the happy chemical. That, in turn, leads you to be more productive at what you do.

Now, some of you may be thinking that standing up can cause problems for your feet and legs. An excessive amount of anything is harmful. Sitting for eight hours in a non-ergonomic chair is disastrous for your back. While working at a standing desk, having an ergonomic and quality mat from Matshop, can help alleviate such troubles. Any small thing helps in your overall goal of balancing your health and work.

4. More energy for activities

You are now full of energy, on your feet, doing the work. With all that serotonin running around, you feel like you can do just about anything. And you can. That’s the great thing about working out your muscles. With a standing desk, you are no longer bound by your chair and desk setup. Your brain notices other activities that you can do. Since you are standing, moving to other areas, multitasking and walking around come naturally. This will lead to you checking more items from your checklist and to a sensation of an accomplished day.

5. Health benefits

With all these health benefits stacking up, it’s worth noting that they lead to other improvements in your health. Reduced obesity is beneficial for your heart. Taking care of your back muscles is awesome for your neck and posture, at the same time. Doing any form of exercise is recommended for your heart and helps with your metabolism and body mass. These all stack up together and help battle larger health threats. High blood sugar and some forms of cancer are on the list and against such dangerous diseases, you need all the help you can get. High blood pressure is associated with a sedimentary and inactive lifestyle. Which is, as we noted before, resolved with a standing desk.

6. Mental gains

Motivation does not grow on trees. It requires a lot of mental fortitude and determination to get and keep it. With all of the positive impacts, we have listed so far, the other half of the benefits are concerning your mental well-being. Standing up stimulates your mind and muscles, making you less reliant on caffeine for stimulation. Physical activity is overwhelmingly stronger than any caffeine stimulant. With that comes an increase in the quality of your lifestyle which leads to positive changes. They in turn make others and so on. What’s important is to be consistent and not return to that chair, which was the root of all the problems.


Embarking on any new adventures or endeavours seems daunting before you start. People imagine a mountain of new info and an endless stream of challenges that await, and get discouraged before they even try. The most important step you can take is the first one and then make your stand. Literally as standing up while working at your standing desk will make all the difference. Bit by bit, change by change, will lead to you seeing the fruits of your labour manifest before your very eyes. Your health will improve, and with that, your quality of life will skyrocket. These lead to a cascade of other positive effects, all up to you to discover. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.