Enhance your Home interior in 2022 by choosing Royale Touche Laminates

Enhance your Home interior in 2022 by choosing Royale Touche Laminates

Those days are long gone when having four walls and a roof above your head was all you needed to live a satisfactory life. Besides, we live more at home nowadays than twenty to thirty years ago. Also, the start of the work-from-home routine, as well as the rapid spread of Covid, has made us realise that staying at home is a wise decision in contemporary times. In such scenarios, having dull walls and furniture around is just the opposite of any kind of motivation. Hence, decorating our living space has become more essential than ever which highlights the importance of laminates when it comes to beautifying our home.  

If there is any decorative material that is very popular and available in diverse designs and types to enhance the finish of an interior, it would be laminate. The advantage of making Royale Touche laminate a part of your design is that it offers endless creative possibilities to add a character to your living space. Whether it is the ceilings, walls, flooring, or furniture elements, this decorative material can be installed any place based on the need of your décor theme. In case of durability and aesthetic appeal, laminate sheets are second to none. If you are curious about how this surfacing solution contributes to the beautification of your home, check the facts given below. 

For flooring

If there is a perfect decorating material for the floor of your home, it would be laminate. Moreover, you can choose laminate sheets based on natural textures of wood, granite, and textures of other stones to get the original look and finish of these materials. The most popular decorative laminates are wood grain laminate that mimics hardwood. Other textured finish laminates are available in different designs like limestone, marble, and lots more. On the other hand, there are several other textures like motifs and colours of various shades which are highly recommended for the flooring of residential and commercial settings. Simultaneously, laminate flooring is a cost-effective and durable addition to your living space. 

On-wall panels and furniture

The best way to change a dull-looking wall is to give a luxurious makeover. In which case, there is no dearth of options both in types and versatility of designs. Based on your aesthetic tastes, you can pick a laminate for the wall from textured wall laminates to the matte finish types. Nothing looks better than a perfect backdrop to your interiors and the ideal way to achieve that layer of sophistication is through laminates. This is a surfacing solution that offers a new life to dull doors, chairs, tablets, and other furniture elements that constitute a significant part of the overall home décor. 

You can also consider high gloss laminates that are popular for their reflective and shiny surface that offer a chic appearance to furniture elements. Even matte-finish and leather-textured laminates are also preferred to add a bit of sophistication to the overall interior decoration.

For modular kitchens

When it comes to kitchen décor, it is hard to think without considering what high-pressure laminate brings to the table. Furthermore, laminates are preferred more than ever in kitchen areas because of their durability and ease of maintenance, something that is very important for kitchen furniture elements. From matte finish to glossy finish laminates, kitchen cabinets always look elegant with laminate installation on the surface area. One can also install solid colour laminates or even mix and match with various types to meet the requirements of their décor theme seamlessly. Also, metal finish laminates are popular in kitchen areas because they offer a sleek appearance which is commonly seen these days in modern kitchen areas.  

Wardrobes and storage

Laminates are a common décor material for wardrobes and storage areas. With laminate sheets, you can give life to your wardrobe décor designs by choosing the colour and texture that suits your aesthetic tastes. Often wardrobe and other storage areas are ignored by homeowners until they realise their significance in enhancing the beauty of the living spaces. With laminates, you can give charm and personality to your wardrobe and other storage areas. Choose from matte, glossy, and textured laminates because every one of them has a unique feel that adds a new essence to your furniture pieces. 

To put it all together, laminates are an ideal decorative surfacing solution that not only beautifies a residential space, but also offers protection to the furniture elements. Being the best laminate brand in India, Royale Touche offers the best quality laminate to homeowners who are thinking about decorating their living space. With Royale Touche, you get a quality that you can trust completely both in enhancing the beauty and protecting the furniture of your home. Now that you know the benefits of this surfacing solution, make sure to choose the ideal laminate type that suits your décor theme smoothly.                                                                                                                                            

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