Do you want a best juicer or a blenders?

Do you want a best juicer or a blenders?

Do you want a juicer or a blender or both? Good tools for two healthy kitchens today. Let’s start with what each car can do. A blender is a standard kitchen mixer. For raw food lovers, you can even make delicious glass food smoothies. Click here easy to clean blenders for more details.

A blender is just a mixing bowl with rotating blades at the bottom. Whatever you put in it liquefies and turns into a drink! For example, you can add banana, soy milk, a little strawberry. And a few ice cubes and you have a delicious, easy-to-digest fruit smoothie. No mess and no hassle, and just rinse out the blender jar when you’re done. It’s easy!

The beauty of making smoothies is that no waste is wasted in the drink. Your ingredients will liquefy and absorb very easily. Think of a casual day in the summer with a long banana smoothie. It shines beautifully in the hand and in the sun on the face!!

The blender can also add superfoods and other drinks to your smoothie. You can mix it with barley grass powder, protein powder, ginseng or any other healthy liquid or powder supplement!

With a good blender, you can make easy-to-digest nutritious smoothies every day!

Suitable ingredients for mixing:

1) Banana, mango, strawberry, raspberry, soft fruit!

2) Juice from your juicer.

3) nuts

4) seeds

5) Kiwi fruit (peeled), berries, star fruit, passion fruit, avocado, grapes,

6) Oranges and other oranges (grated, of course).

7) Superfoods

8) green complex, barley grass powder, etc.

9) protein powder! Go for the meatloaf!

10) Seed oil essential fats etc.

11) ICE ICE dear – let’s face it. You want your smoothie to cool. Anything less than the best is a crime!

12) Greens – I throw in a handful of spinach.

Juice! went in! This is what we are all about! Now your juicer is like a key!! This is the key to using mom’s all-natural foods and unlocking the liquid goodness from within! Take the carrot! Now look at that carrot and imagine that it is full of everything you need: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and life-giving nutrients!

Now you can enjoy nature’s best with your juicer. And separates the rough, hard, and tough parts of the fruit or vegetable from the golden nutrients that are liquid inside! If you’re going to take the carrots now and run them through the juicer, you’ll have two, one, small piles of dry, tender flesh. And two more nutritious LIQUID GOLD cups! That’s what juicers do! It unlocks the natural raw power of fruits and vegetables and offers them to you in a way that your body can fully and easily absorb!