Delicious Cakes with Ground Almonds

Cakes with Ground Almonds

The cakes with ground almonds as ingredients have their origin in London. This is because ground almonds have been a favorite breakfast food for the city’s people for many years. A famous pastry chef was responsible for introducing this delicious recipe to the British people, in the early nineteen hundreds. However, it was not until the late nineteen eighties that the first British premiers of cakes with ground almonds were born. These were the cakes with almonds and they gained popularity very quickly.

There are many types of cakes with ground almonds in the UK. It can be quite fun to experiment and create cakes with different flavors and ingredients. Almond flavored cakes with raisins or dates, pears, blueberries, dates, and even fruit coulis are making a strong presence in the UK baking scene. Some of these cakes are quite elaborate and others have simple ingredients but this variety makes them popular.

Varieties Of Cakes

If you go to your local cake shop in the UK, you will find several varieties of cakes with ground almonds. In fact there are hundreds of them and they all have their own unique style. One popular type of almond cakes in the UK is called Indian cooking cakes and these cakes are usually sweet and rich. They usually contain dates, nuts, fruits and raisins. Some of these cakes also use cashews and hazelnuts.

There are other types of cakes with ground almonds and they include ones with chocolate and pistachios. These cakes are very tasty and give a lot of pleasure to those who eat them. There are some cakes which have a hint of almond flavor and taste of fresh bread. Then there are other recipes where almonds are used to give a flavor to cakes like cupcakes and cookies.

Cake Recipes

There are many different recipes for cakes with ground almonds. The advantage of making such recipes is that you can choose different kinds of flavors for different occasions. For example if you want to make a cake for a baby shower, you can use a mixture of white and brown almonds. This kind of recipe gives a nice aroma to the entire process. On the other hand, making such recipes at home gives a lot of pleasure and allows one to experiment.

You can use either almond paste or ground almonds in making a cake. Almond paste is the favorite ingredient for people who do not like to go for almond. They add a lighter flavor to the cake. If you want a rather bitter taste, use ground almonds instead of the paste. This kind of recipe gives a bitter taste, but you can reduce it by adding a few tablespoons of cream.

Number Of Cookies

Many people prefer to bake with ground almonds and they use them mainly for cakes. Almonds can be used in making a number of cookies as well. If you are new at baking, you can start with making cakes and later on move on to other types of recipes. The advantage of making such recipes using ground almonds is that they save on the family budget and they can also be used for multiple occasions. The only drawback is that you cannot use almond paste and almond butter with such recipes.

You can also use ground almonds in preparing nut free desserts. There are a lot of desserts that require you to avoid using nuts in the ingredients. In most cases, you can get away with it by substituting the almond with a walnut. However, you should keep in mind that nuts are healthier than any other ingredient and they also add to the flavor of the desert.


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