Why Custom Product Packaging Matters on Memorial Day?

There are four important P’s in the marketing namely price, product, place, and promotion. But another P is as much important as the main four that is packaging in marketing. It is very essential to know that what customer will perceive from their first impression to packaging. That is why companies put so much effort in their packaging. The outer appearance of the product is the first thing which will urge customer to buy it so product packaging is a great marketing tool. There are seven main functions of packaging that is protection, containment, preservation, apportionment, unitization, convenience, and communication of the product.

Importance of Product Packaging on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is approaching and it is time to think about new packaging designs and ideas to redesign your packaging and celebrate the special day. Memorial Day is the time of the year where you honor those who have died serving your county. Most of the businesses see this as an opportunity to honor all the military members by modifying their product packaging. Following are few factors about the importance of custom product packaging on Memorial Day and why it is done.

To Show off Patriotism

Always go with the nice patriotic theme if you are not sure about how you going to modify your packaging. Show the image of the American flag on the packaging and follow the red, white, and blue color scheme for it. And for celebrating Canadian Memorial Day you can follow the same thing by putting flag image and color scheme of white and red or even maple leaves.

Like any Other Holiday

Businessperson don’t leave this chance and treat this day like any other holiday to bring best of their designs of packaging that helps your product stand out from the crowd. Custom packaging with specific holiday theme can help you boost your sales and is a great chance for companies to show patriotism. Vast industries from food to clothes take advantage of the Memorial Day packaging to pay honor to those sacrificed their lives for country.

Give Thanks to Those Who Serve

Make it clear to your customers that why you have modified your packaging and made it appealing for the Memorial Day. Adding a line on the packaging to express your thanks for those who risk their lives to save your country is a great idea to attract customers.

Limited Run Version and Affordable

Smaller companies don’t consider creating custom packaging on Memorial Day as they hesitate to spend money on specially designed packaging and they think it will be too expensive to do. Short run packaging is a great step to and it is possible to make limited version of your product packaging. This way you don’t need to worry about extra money spend on the packaging since you will order limited boxes as you need.

Quick Turnaround

Remember that Memorial Day is on 29th May in United States and on 1st July in Canada. Of you haven’t already considered the option of having Memorial Day Custom packaging then it’s still not late. You can figure out your design and can order boxes as soon as possible and quick turnaround time from companies makes it possible to do. Order enough boxes which will be on the shelves for at least various weeks around Memorial Day.

Things Product Packaging Must Do

To be successful every brand must define the reason for being and packaging is the best way to do so. Effective packaging makes it easy to make customers understand that why the brands are relevant to your life.

Stand Out

Just covering shelves of the retail stores is not enough. Your packaging must communicate with shopkeeper and the customers it shelf. To attract customers you can bring different designs than usual. Customers get attracted to beautiful and extraordinary packaging.

Be Simple

One thing is for sure simple and elegant packaging is the key to make an impact in the market. Nobody likes the packaging that makes no sense rather simple yet elegant packaging do the job. It increases sales and brand image.

Trigger Emotional Engagement

When a brand emotionally engages with you with their appearance you are compelled to look back at it to conclude the nature of the attraction. There is nothing more influential in packaging than eye contact.

Create Iconic Assets

Coke is the most popular brand and has an array of assets such as the red color, vivacious contour wave, the iconic bottle shape, and the logo typography. Cocoa cola has three cusps two underneath the “C” and the “a” of Coca and one in the center of the “C” in Cola that emphasis your eyes on the center of the words.

Special packaging for the products is brought to market on special occasions and events since Memorial Day is around the corner so every brand and product will try to bring best packaging in accordance with the special day. Packaging which is specially manufactured for Memorial Day matters a lot because it is the great opportunity for companies to increase.

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