Cost of Engineered Wood Flooring

Cost of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring cost per square metre varies from one expert to another. Engineered wood is cheaper as compared to solid timber flooring. The cost of having an engineered wood flooring is divided into three parts given below;

  1. The purchasing cost of the wood flooring
  2. The installation cost of the wood flooring
  3. The repair and maintenance cost of wood flooring

Engineered flooring usually costs between $65 to $110 per square meter. Installation cost depends on the methods your expert use to install your flooring. The maintenance cost is less as compared to the cost of repair. To maintain the flooring and get the greater benefit, you must have padding for the legs of your furniture and put doormats on doors. If you have pets at your place, you must also have clippers to clip the nails of the pets to save huge repair and maintenance costs.

To get the best prices, always have the quotation from three vendors and find which one will be the best for you. Do not just focus on the quotation but also check the vendor’s reliability, trustworthiness, and customer reviews before making any final decision. Some vendors can charge you per day basis rather than giving you a quotation with a rate per square meter.

Factors affecting the Cost

Several factors affect the cost of having wooden flooring at your home or office. These factors include the size of your room, style of the wooden flooring, size of timber pieces, and the available time to install the wooden floor. The thickness of the timber pieces also affects the wooden flooring price. Type and the quality of the wood are other factors that increase the cost of purchasing and installing the wooden flooring. Labor cost depends on the size of the room, complexity, style of the wooden pieces, and any additional work needed to start and finish the work. The cost of installing engineered wood on stairs is considered separately by flooring experts.

Ways to Install Engineered Flooring

There are two most common ways to install engineered wooden floors. Floating installation is simpler as they do not need any nails or glue. This is the most affordable way to install the floor. You can do it yourself, but if you want to hire a professional, that might cost you up to $35 per square meter. Direct stick installation is the other way to install Engineered Wooden Flooring. This is a complex way to install floors, so you cannot do it yourself because it needs extensive hands-on woodwork experience. You must look for an expert and an experienced professional to install flooring. This method is comparatively expensive and can cost you up to $45 per square meter. This method is an effective way to install floors as the experts use glue. Glue increases the stability of the timbers used in flooring. This is the highly recommended method to have greater longevity. Thick timbers, usually 15mm or more, are used in this floor installation method.

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