Common problems with the conveyor belts working.

Common problems with the conveyor belts working.

No industry can function without conveyor belts. Whether it is the transportation of heavy items from one place to another or keeping things organized, materials handling equipment plays a massive role in maintaining an organization’s security. Suitable material handling equipment can make the work easier and reduce the business’s overall costs. Material handling, when well-planned, ensures that materials are safely transported across facility areas, facilitates streamlining work in the activity and organizing space, and reduces accidents in locations that require the transport of heavy materials or loads. Businesses have to incur high costs in handling the products and materials no matter in which industry they are operating.

When it comes to manual handling of equipment, it becomes very difficult for the workers to manage the work handling of equipment. Workers in the organization will experience a lack of productivity when they are devoting much time to handling the equipment. So, in order to ensure smooth movement, storage, and transportation of goods, various types of equipment like work platforms, pallet gates, conveyor belts, etc., are used.

When we install conveyor belts in industries or warehouses, there are minimal chances of human error. Conveyor systems are used in almost all the material handling industries, whether it is automotive, mining or agriculture. A typical conveyor belt can last up to years, but specific problems can occur while you are operating the conveyor belt. Sometimes there is an issue with the lubrication, and the moving parts might break down at other points. So, here are some points or the issues highlighted that can result in the ineffectiveness of a conveyor belt:

Mistracking of conveyor belts:  One of the most typical issues faced with the conveyor belt is that there may be mistracking. There needs to be sound alignment so that things can easily flow from one place to another. When there is mistracking Or drifting of the belt to the one side, there are high chances that the materials may fall off. The conveyor belts must move on the right track in order to ensure the systematic movement of goods from one place to another. Also, Uneven belt wear, and even an entire system malfunction, can happen when a belt runs off its regular track.

Blockage: The primary purpose of every conveyor belt that is installed in your warehouse or factory is to ensure the efficient travel of products throughout the system. When there is some kind of blockage, the entire system will have to suffer. When the materials are being passed along the conveyor system, there may be corrosion and rigid directional changes. Also, when there is any kind of blockage, the business operations may shut down completely, which may lead to ineffectiveness within the organization.

Spillage: This is also the least addressed issue with the conveyor belts but can happen due to various reasons such as low temperatures, inadequate belt tension, build-up on pulleys, worn head pulleys, etc. When the overloading of items is done, they may be excessive tension on the pulleys, which can lead to spillage.