Chadar Trek The Frozen River 

Chadar trek also known as the Zanskar Gorge is located over Ladakh is a winter trail over the frozen Zanskar river. The Zanskar river is the tributary of Indus and is 5 meters. The distance that Chadar trek covers is 105 kms and the trekkers have to cross 16 kms per day. The best time to visit Chadar trek would be between winters as the temperature comes down to 30 to 35 degrees as it becomes thrilling for the trekkers while trekking. It is set at an altitude of 11,101 ft which only those trekkers can do who have experience and want challenges on their way. Usually the duration of 8 days takes to reach the highest peak of Chadar trek. 

Now your journey to Chadar trek starts from leh. You have to come to Leh through flight and when you reach you see the beauty of snow there surrounded everywhere which gives it a white view there. Don’t forget to catch the glimpse of snow capped mountains located at 11,400 ft above sea level as you come from aeroplane. 

The trek lies at Zanskar river where you see the frozen lake during winters. The frozen Zanskar river lies at the village of Chilling from where it begins to freeze. So go on this trek in winters as the ice on Zanskar river is at its most stable state. 

Note: The ice at Zanskar river tends to be dangerous at times so take all the safety precautions of knowing about the ice conditions below the feet. If the trekkers want they can do a campsite along the caves where the ice is most steady. Put on as many woolen clothes with layers as possible (taking into consideration the comfortness) because you are trekking in a snowy region and it is necessary to keep your body warm. 

Safety precautions:

It is always recommended to know about the ice sheet conditions all the time as there is the possibility of cracks in the ice which should be avoided. 

Slippery ice can be found on some sections so be careful. 

It is possible that cracks may appear when you step on your feet so don’t panic all you have to do is run to reach a solid footing. 

About trekking gear it should be brought with you as it may not be possible to find supplies during winters at leh. 

Ice picks, extra warm clothing and trekking shoes must be carried with you before going for a trek. 


Day 01- Reporting at Leh 

You will be reaching Leh by flight and then you can rest after reaching there. You can also visit the leh market there and enjoy the snow capped mountain peaks all around you. Try to adapt with the coldness as the more you adapt the more easier Chadar trek would be easier for you. 

Day 02- Acclimatization day

It is important to acclimate your body as you have to adapt with the environment of Leh for 2-3 days. You can also do sightseeing there for 3-4 hours and enjoy the views of snow there. 

Day 03- Medical test day 

Now it is important to go for a medical test before starting your trek. If you do not pass the test you will not be allowed to go for a trek further keeping in mind the safety of yours. 

Day 04- Leh to Shingra Koma then trekking to Tsomo Paldar

Get ready to explore the magnificent beauty of Ladakh as you start your trek. You will be seeing beautiful sights of Shingra Koma and the scenic spots of Ladakh.

Day 05- Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Cave 

You will be trekking from Tsomo Paldar to Tibb cave to cover the altitude of 400 ft. You will get to see the frozen waterfalls which will make your journey more thrilling. The Zanskar river will be following you and you will get to explore different rock patterns. 

Day 06- Tibb Cave to Nerak 

You will be camping at Nerak and will explore the most iconic landmark of the Chadar trek.

Day 07- Nerak to Tibb Cave 

You will reach the highest peak of Chadar and return back to Tibb cave with all the lovely memories that you created in your trekking journey. 

Day 08- Tibb Cave to Shingra Koma and then driving to leh (70kms)

This day you will be returning to Shingra Koma and then driving to Leh with the most charming memories that you have never experienced in your life.

So it is a must for all those trekkers who are a big enthusiast and want to explore the unleashing beauties of nature. 



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