Best TIps to Create Stunning Promo Videos in 2022

Best TIps to Create Stunning Promo Videos in 2022

Video marketing is an up-and-coming marketing strategy in social media that can make your brand sell. Videos stand out in a sea of articles and blogs. Top-notch promotional videos will assist you to connect better with your audience and build a loyal customer base.

In addition, a good promo video can compel the audience to purchase your products or services. However, if you have not already applied promo videos to promote your brand, you are missing out on great opportunities. Here are our best tips to create a promo video that sells. 

What Is a Promo Video?

Promo videos work to drive attention to your business by creating awareness about your brand or a particular product or service or offer. Promo videos have to be highly engaging and show your customers how your products and services can make their lives easier. They help attract potential customers and convert views into sales.

Now that you know what a promo video is, it is time to have the right strategy to make it work. First, you need the right tools like a video editor to create stunning videos. An online video editor comes in handy to make the process simpler and faster. 

Tips for Successful Promo Videos

  • The goal of your video should be determined, and it must cater to your target audience. For example, your goal could be to grow your sales, build brand awareness, or boost your traffic. You might be tempted to provide all the information in one video so that your audience can make the most out of it. But that is not the correct approach. If you have multiple goals, you will need different promo videos for each goal. 
  • Choose the ideal video for your promo videos. Your end goal will determine the perfect video type for you:
  1. Introductory Videos- Introduce your brand and services through promo videos and upload them on your website’s landing page. 
  2. Explainer Videos- Educate your audience about your products or services. 
  3. Testimonial Videos- Build your customers’ loyalty based on testimonials from existing customers.
  • The content, i.e., your script, can make or break your promo video. Your video should cater to the needs and interests of your audience. The video’s tone is essential to send the right message about your brand. Your script could be conversational, quirky, informative, or even formal. The script must also align with the tone. Practice the content beforehand and speak without looking at the script. This makes your video seem more honest. 
  • The video should be only as long as necessary to have an engaging dynamic. The duration of your promo videos will depend on several factors. If you upload a video on social media platforms, shorter videos perform better, but if you publish them on your website, longer videos may work well. Videos to promote your sales should be sharp and crisp, while explainer videos should be elaborate and cover all the basics. However, as a golden rule, the shorter, the better, which helps command the audience’s attention.  
  • Your promo video has to be engaging, and you must use all the tools available to you, like audio-video-textual elements, to spice it up. Use the best quality video clips to make your promo video. In addition, you can use animated videos that make your promo videos quirky and grab your audience’s attention. You can also show your face to the public through your videos. This helps them connect personally to your brand. 
  • Audio helps to take your video to the next level. Clear and good-quality audio creates a lasting impression on the viewers. Your voiceover should be top-notch. If you make a conversational video or an interview-based video, adding a musical score in the background makes your promo video more appealing. 
  • Texts are also an essential element to make your videos sell. A lot of people watch videos without sound. Many people might not be not fluent in the language of your videos. They will be counting on captions to understand your video, or they shall pass. Then how can you convey your message to such an audience? Your videos must include subtitles or have texts that summarise the content spoken. This is critical to ensure the success of your promo videos.
  • It is vital to outline your video visually. A storyboard includes thumbnails and scenes you want in your video. Each important section of your video should have its thumbnail with notes to describe its impact. A storyboard helps you film and edit it productively and choose the suitable graphics and animation for your promo videos.
  • Promo videos aim to gather revenue for your business. But this does not mean they have to be formal or only talk about your product or that you have to use business jargon to make it sell. Instead, it would help create that FOMO if you focused on making your product appealing to the audience. Your promo videos must engage your audience emotionally and create that image of reliability to stand out among other brands.
  • Once you have the video footage and audio clips ready, it is time to edit
  •  You want your promo videos to reach the right people. Once your video is ready, share it across all social media platforms to garner the maximum traffic. 

Wrapping Up

Promo videos are the best strategy to grow your brand. But it is essential to create and edit engaging videos to get the most out of them. They help you promote and spread the word about your upcoming offers or the new products you are launching and create the necessary buzz. So, the first step is to determine the goal of your promo video and the needs of your target audience and create content accordingly. 

Video marketing does not have to be expensive or require professional expertise. You only need the right tools to achieve your goals and online video editors to make your work easy and give your videos the right professional flair to create relatable and fun promo videos.