Basic Song writing Tips

Music production is an exciting business. However, it is impossible just like that, without proper preparation, to sit down and write a brilliant work. Still, some knowledge, they assure at, you should have. But even if you have already received some of the necessary information, additional tricks that will be discussed will help you in your creativity.

Where does the process begin? That’s right, with an idea. As soon as it has developed in your head, consider that you have already begun to create. Now it remains “quite a bit”: to write the words of the song, music and come up with a name. This is, of course, a joke from professionals. In fact, the work is just beginning. Yes, it is not easy and requires all your creative powers from you, but the result, we hope, will live up to expectations.

Do not try to grab everything at once and give out the finished product in half an hour. The main thing is not to rush, think over options, play possible musical phrases in your head. And in the end, inspiration will visit you.

Music, whether it be an instrumental piece or a song, must have a so-called “hook”. They usually become the chorus, or, as it is also called, the hook. After all, what is remembered most often and what do we constantly hum after we hear a new song? That’s right, chorus. It can be a simple text, some kind of melody on one of the musical instruments, a sound effect, or something else.

Now about the topic. What is the best thing to write about? The answer from is simple: everything! That’s what you think is interesting, and write about it. Ordinary people cannot boast that their lives are full of various events. Therefore, your texts should make them feel just special, involved in something big and interesting. It will certainly attract listeners.

When a new song is created, no more than 20 percent of everything conceived remains in the end. Well, that’s how it usually goes. That is why you have to write much more than you may later need. Well, then you will have the opportunity to choose the best fragments from all the material. And this practically guarantees that your song will be appreciated and in demand.

Work on contrast, change the structure of the verse and chorus, add the number of lines and musical losses.

Learn from the masters. If you like an unusual move in a song, feel free to copy it. Believe me, in the end result it will not look like plagiarism.

Predictability is the enemy of talent. Of course, it is not easy to achieve a full balance between what the listeners expect and the originality of the author. After all, there are certain rules and constructions, but if this is repeated from one piece to another, listeners may feel fed up. Well, that’s what you and the author are for, to find the perfect move, the result of which would satisfy everyone.

Any author who has been creating songs for more than one year has things in his desk or on his computer that were conceived at one time, but never developed. Review, re-listen to your own work, perhaps you will be able to find a brilliant solution, how to make one truly unique song out of two or three unfinished songs.