As an Expat, Should I Use a Software to File my U.S. Taxes?

Filing U.S. taxes as an expat can be a stressful endeavor. In our modern age, there are many softwares on the market that can assist you. However, using a software might not be the right decision for you.

Keep on reading to learn more about using software to file your U.S. taxes as an expat. We’ll discuss the best options for you so that this time of the year can go by a little bit faster.

Should I Use Software to File My Taxes?

Previously, expats could file U.S. taxes using paper tax forms. These could be filled out by the individual or sent to a professional to ensure they were done. Some of that technology has now moved online. The process should move a whole lot quicker this way.

Some of the most popular software that you can utilize to file taxes include:

  • TurboTax, which has every form and person that you could need to correctly complete your U.S taxes
  • TaxAct, which requires a bit more research to utilize but is still an excellent choice
  • MyExpatTaxes, which is helpful no matter how complicated your situation is as it is meant for expats
  • Expatfile – a new software for expats with simple finances

All of these are good softwares that can expedite the tax-filing process. There are many other options out there if none of these meet your specific needs.

None of these services are free. You will need to pay a fee that often starts at around $100 and can reach higher costs than using an accountant. This price covers all of the forms required within the software.

Use Expat Specialist CPAs

The alternative is to use an expat tax specialist firm. Their job is to discern the best way to file based on each individual’s situation, to save money and plan ahead, no matter where you are in the world.

If you decide to use a CPA, you might get:

  • Consulting and advice based on your individual needs
  • Help with various unusual forms that you might require
  • Assistance with additional reporting, such as state tax returns, gifts, corporations, and FATCA

Expat specialist CPAs are very helpful.

Most softwares will make certain assumptions based on your responses to standard questions, but won’t take into account the nuances or your cicumstances or your longer term plans.  Without an accountant to guide you, a software may end up making your filing journey harder than it needs to be.


As an expat, filing your taxes with the help of an expat specialist certified public accountant is your best option. They will help to improve your overall tax experience, simplifying a process that would otherwise be overwhelming and ensuring you file in your best interests.

They will ensure that you are doing them correctly and save you from mistakes that would be made otherwise.


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