8 E-commerce Website Development Hacks To Give You A Leg Up

8 E-commerce Website Development Hacks To Give You A Leg Up

Web developers have the pressure of creating websites that stand out from the rest. Also, it will take some time for the website to transform into a sales machine. It will be hard to explain to clients to wait for the results to take effect. But there are a few hacks that can give websites an instant boost. Using these hacks can help the website take off in a short time.


Add more Visual Content 

As an ecommerce website development company in India, you must know that people get bombarded with a lot of information and they don’t have time to look into them. It leaves them tired and reduces their motivation to read more. The eye has to strain more to scan thousands of words, but images are a visual treat to the eyes. A single image can convey a message of a thousand words. Brands can use images to simplify their website and keep it neat. Also, images attract people who visit the site to derive pleasure from them. Images filled with stats and numbers help brands to convey complex information. You can also add videos to your website to attract both visual and auditory learners. So, an eCommerce website development company in India should prioritize visual content over textual content.


Product-based website designs 

There must be a correlation between your product design and the website design. When people see your website, they should find the same designs and colors used in your products and packaging materials. It will boost your branding efforts and get more people to buy your branded products. The logos, colors, and fonts should all be integrated into your web design. In this way, you can help people remember and turn to your brand whenever they need help. 


Limit people’s choices 

People today have more choices than ever to dictate the course of their life. But it comes at a cost, as more choices make people indecisive. Too many choices affect people’s ability to make decisions. If you want people to engage with your brand, you should limit people’s choices when they visit your website. When you only keep the CTA and a few other elements on your site, they will be more likely to purchase your products. When you curtail their choices, their decision-making ability improves. So, when your CTA invites them to try your products, they will see that they don’t have any other option. They will take the plunge to become your customer.


Adapt your brand to festival seasons 

During festival seasons, people purchase more products and the sales go up. So, you need to adapt your brand to celebrate festivals with your audience. You can change your CTAs, fonts, and colors to show that your brand participates in the festivities. During those times, you can launch new products and help people enjoy the festivals. If you use coupons and discounts, you can attract more customers to your site. You should likewise launch new products around major events to get more people to recognize your products. 


Use more animations 

Customers want their brands to use the latest technology, particularly on the website. Brands also hire designers providing website development services to update their web designs. So, we see that It takes more than static pictures to attract customers today. Using animation makes your website lively and dynamic. It shows that your brand is active in the public sphere and puts in the effort in keeping up with the trends. But the animations should not distract your audience from their end goal. You want them to become your loyal customers, so the animations should direct them towards that goal. Having too many animations affects the user experience. So, make sure to limit the animations when you offer website development services.


Highlight the USP 

There are so many products available in the market, but there’s something special about every product. The thing that differentiates a product from another is called Unique Selling Proposition (USP). The USP is a short statement about the specialty of your product. It tells how it improves customers’ daily lives. Customers also look for the USP when they plan to buy a product. Top brands differentiate themselves through their USP to attract audiences who subscribe to their brand message. So, web developers should highlight the USP when they develop e-commerce sites. The USP is not only about the product, it can also be the method of delivery and shipping facility. 


Add Social Login Buttons 

Customers can’t afford to waste time entering login details every time. Some customers will forget the passwords and changing passwords is a long process. But if you add social login buttons, you can improve the user experience. Customers can log in easily from their Gmail accounts or social media accounts. It will also avoid the problem of password failure, as you give more options for login. You can also enable social sharing so that happy customers would share your brand with their friends. They could share it with other friends and soon your website will be receiving a lot of traffic. 


Deliver more than you promised 

Too many brands overpromise customers and claim that their products solve their problems completely. Customers try their products only to find that the products did not live up to their promises. So, don’t make unrealistic promises to your customers. You have to test and see whether the products deliver what customers expect from them. But if you underpromise and deliver more than what they expected, they will be happy with your brand. They will see the authenticity of your brand and stick with your brand. So, make sure to only include little things like thank-you notes on your website and don’t include promises you can’t fulfill.



The hacks will indeed help you give a quick boost to the website. But you still have to wait patiently for the results to take full effect. It is important not to see the list as shortcuts to beat the rankings. There is much value in patience, and you will rejoice when you see that website outperforms your competitors in some months or years.