7 Popular Leather Jackets Brands For Men & Women

7 Popular Leather Jackets Brands For Men & Women

It has become a fashion for men and women to wear leather jackets all around the world. In European countries, a leather jacket is also a need as the weather there is mostly cold. It has become a trend for bikers to wear leather jackets, so new styles and designs of leather jackets are appreciated. If you keep proper and correct care of a leather jacket, it will last longer than you expect. It is considered the only apparel you can wear for years and gets better with time. Here are some branded jackets for men.

Leather Jackets Of All Saints

All Saints is a UK brand. All Saints is famous for making stylish and unique leather jackets for both men and women. They make jackets of different styles in different colors. You can find almost all types of jackets at All Saints like a bomber jacket, biker jacket, brown and black leather, and suede jackets. The different styles of these jackets include large collars, zips, buttons, sporty style, and high neck. The jackets from this brand are more expensive than other brands, but you can buy these jackets from all around the world.

Leather Jackets From Harley Davidson

It is impossible to find a bike lover who does not know Harley Davidson. Like their incomparable bikes, they also introduced amazing leather jackets. Their primary focus is the biker jacket that can be worn in extreme weather. Their jackets are highly comfortable, and teenagers love their jackets.

Leather Jackets Of Balmain

Balmain is a French-based brand. If your prime priority is quality, not price, then the leather jackets from this brand are best for you. Balmain gained its popularity by making stylish leather jackets with the best quality leather. But the leather jackets from this brand are pretty expensive, but the style and the quality of the jacket are worth the money. The jackets from Balmain have broad collars, high collars, are zipped, and have pressed collars. They introduced a completely new style of leather jackets in the fashion industry.

Leather Jackets From John Varvatos

John Varvatos is famous for making different high-quality clothing accessories, and one of them is a leather jacket. The leather jackets from this brand are renowned for their unique designs. John Varvatos makes leather jackets in different colors. The leather jackets from this brand are of such design that you can also wear them casually. They make jackets for both men and women.

Leather Jackets From Gucci

Who does not know Gucci? Gucci proved that you can wear anything in a new style and always introduced unique and new ideas to the fashion industry. The same is with the leather jacket; Gucci made the leather jacket more attractive by embellishing it with buttons, zips, patches, and threadwork. They make jackets for both men and women, and their jackets indicate an excellent fashion sense.

Leather Jackets Of Marc Jobs

Marc Jobs gained its popularity by making them unique and stylish leather jackets. This brand especially makes new style jackets for women. Marc Jobs introduced a completely new style of leather jackets. There is a long list of countries to which Marc Jobs delivers its jackets, so you do not have to worry about buying them. In the countries in which the leather jackets of Marc Jobs are not shipped, then you can also buy them online or through retailers. You can also buy a men’s leather jacket from Karahub.

Leather Jackets From Hugo Boss

Hugo boss is especially famous for making men leather jackets. The quality of their jackets is best. You can find almost all types of leather jackets from here. They have a collection of both classy and sporty leather jackets.

In A Nutshell

Buying the right leather jacket is very important as you are going to wear that jacket for years. Do not compromise on the quality.


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