7 Essential Tips to Hire Android Developers For App Development

In today’s time, mobile applications have greatly enriched the lives of every individual worldwide. A large number of businesses are investing in mobile application development projects. The revenue generation in this industry is skyrocketing with each passing day. Besides, it offers ample scope to the developers to showcase their skills, talent, and creativeness in creating different types of mobile applications. Android is one of the most popular and widely used platforms by businesses to create mobile applications for promoting and branding their businesses.

However, creating apps using Android comes with various challenges. It is vital to hire Android developer with deep knowledge, skills, and talent in the field of Android app development. Though there are numerous Android app developers available in the market today, few of them can manage and complete the app development task perfectly. So, how do you differentiate between a good Android developer and a bad one?

Well, below are certain important tips to hire android developer, have a look:

  • Look for Proficient and Experienced Mobile App Developers: When planning to hire Android developer or team of developers, make sure to consider their experience in the Android app development field. Developing business-centric mobile apps is quite a tricky task that needs to be performed proficiently. Experts with enough experience in their field can efficiently handle the app development process and deliver the expected results.
  • Check Their Ability to Think Innovatively: While hiring an Android developer, you must first explain to them your idea and how you want the app to look and feel like. Check whether the developer is taking interest in your ideas and suggestions or not. Also, the developer should be able to suggest more innovative ideas and the latest trends to accomplish the app development work successfully. One can even ask developers about the number of innovative projects that they have worked on, before deciding to hire them.
  • Cost of Hiring Android App Developer: Cost is one of the most important factors in a mobile app development project. It can vary when hiring Android developers based on their experience. Many businesses these days look for cost-effective Android app development companies and many of them end up having poor quality apps. Therefore, instead of focusing specifically on cost, businesses must choose a well-experienced team of professionals from a reputed company with the ability to develop a feature-rich, user-friendly, high-performing, and exceptional app at cost-effective prices.
  • Check the Developer’s Previous Projects: Quality is one of the key concerns of businesses when developing a mobile application. A poor quality app is of no use. Therefore, make certain that the developers you choose maintain consistent quality in each and every process of developing a mobile app. You can check the past projects completed by the developer to get an idea about their work and how they maintain the quality of apps.
  • Check the Skills of Android Developer: An Android developer must have all the skills that are required to build an app successfully. Some of the key skills that an Android developer must have include expertise in interactive Android app optimization, custom app Development, deep knowledge of Android software development Kits, migration and porting android apps, proficient knowledge of API integration, ability to use eclipse and Android studio, etc. Other than these technical skills, an android app developer must also possess certain soft skills that include the ability to work in a team environment, good communication skills, and a good cultural fit.
  • Get Feedback From Previous Clients: Feedback from previous clients might help you to choose the best developers for your Android app development project. Therefore, you can ask the previous employers of the developer to provide feedback about the particular developer to get a clearer picture. If you found that the reviews from the past employer are good, you can take a step ahead and discuss your project requirements with the developer.
  • Do They Provide Post-Development Support? It is important to note that most freelance Android app developers won’t provide a post-development support service. However, choosing a professional Android app development company provides a post-development support service for a particular period of time from the date of project delivery. So, you must clear it with the company whether you will get post-development support for your app after delivery. Also, make sure that all the issues must be resolved from the app before making it live.


Day by day, new innovations and technologies are coming up and making our lives easier. Especially the advanced applications have made everything easier for the users whether it is about shopping, entertainment, gaming, traveling, and whatnot. In the coming years, there will be a huge rise in the demand for Android applications as people’s expectation with Android apps is growing rapidly. To stay ahead of the competitors, businesses must hire android developer keeping in mind all the above-mentioned tips. On top of that, providing the best customer experience should be the first priority in order to take the business to the next level.

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