5 Types of Saree Every Woman Must Have in their Wardrobe.

Saree, the famous Indian ethnic wear attire is known for showing the culture and ethnicity of your country. Ask any women about their ethnic outfits everyone will go with a saree. Saree is among the well-planned outfits that help the woman feel confident about her look. There are a variety of sarees that you will find in any woman’s wardrobe. In relation to that below, we will discuss 5 types of saree women must have in their wardrobe. 

5 Classic Saree Types of saree every woman must have in their wardrobe.

Banarasi saree of Varanasi 

Every woman is aware of the popular banarasi saree. The saree is part of one of the world’s oldest living cities. Hails from the most spiritual town on the planet, the banarasi saree is known for using one of the finest silk materials. 

The banarasi saree is known for its excellent intricate design and zari work. The saree comes with amazing, mind-boggling weaves, which are hard to find in any other type of saree. The kings and queens wore earlier these saree, and its been an era that these saree were introduced into the market which is still praised and loved by the women. Women nowadays prefer to buy online banarasi saree. If you also want to flaunt these banarasi saree you can visit Kutchi bazaar to try different banarasi saree style. 

Kalamkari saree from Andhra Pradesh 

The next type of saree any woman must own in their wardrobe is the beautiful kalamkari saree. The saree is known for its beautiful block printing designs, and this block printing design showcases different kinds of stories. Some authentic kalamkari saree types also come with a beautiful hand printing design. 

The kalamkari saree has a different audience base in the Indian saree market because of its outstanding unparalleled beauty to its weavers. 

Bandhani Saree from Gujarat 

The bandhani saree is known for the use of intricate design and vibrant colors. You might think that every saree uses beautiful colors, so why choose bandhani. The bandhani saree uses a beautiful tie and dye technique.  

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Small parts of the saree are tied with the help of the thread, which is later dipped into a natural colorful substance. The fabric completely soaked the dye, leaving the tied area resistant to the dye, which helps form the beautiful hues.

If you are a true fan of Bandhani saree and want to buy it, you can shop it from the Kutchi Bazaar. You will find the authentic handcrafted bandhej saree. The artisans make all the bandhani saree at the Kutchi bazaar, and have been doing this for generations. Some of the popular styles you can buy Georgette Bandhani saree, Ajrakh bandhani saree and Banarasi bandhani saree. Apart from the bandhani saree, they also have numerous designs of the bandhani dupatta, stoles and bandhej suit material. 

Kanjeevaram Saree from Tamil Nadu 

If you are from the south of India, you must know the importance of the Kanjeevaram saree. The saree is the specialty of South India, which is known for the richness of the fabric. It is said the stitches on the Kanjeevaram saree use the metal thread, which is dipped into either melted gold or silver. If you do not hold this saree in your wardrobe, you are missing out on every one of the very crucial Indian ethnic wear outfits.

Paithani Saree from Maharashtra

The saree’s name hails from the Paithan district of the Maharastra. The specialty of the Paithani saree is that it is completely made with the handwoven technique. The finest quality of the silk fabric is used in the saree preparation, making it costly compared to the other kind of saree.