5 types of lead magnets to attract your potential customers


A lead magnet: What is it?

Definition of a lead magnet

Also called premium content, a lead magnet is in fact a high added value content that an internet user will be able to download in exchange for personal information such as:

  • His name and surname
  • His e-mail address
  • His company
  • His function

Setting up this type of content is essential for your digital marketing. It is indeed practically pointless to generate traffic to your website if you are not able to capture relevant contact information that tells you about How to create a Wikipedia page the quality of your audience and allows you to provide them with more personalized content and qualitative.

Good premium content will act as a real prospect magnet. It is a key element of the marketing funnel and it is it which will allow to send relevant information to a prospect throughout his journey in order to help him solve his problems (aka “Lead nurturing”).

What’s the point?

Well it’s obvious

To conquer the world!

Finally, this is what fear all those who have never created one.

A lead magnet is above all a high added value content that is an integral part of your content marketing.

I insist once again: content with high added value.

It’s a pact between you and me, I give you tips, you use them to do something right. Ok for you?


This high added value content (just to be sure that you have remembered well) will first serve your visitor, it will help them to succeed in the task they are trying to accomplish.

And for you? The information collected will be used to understand who is interested in your content and what the real problems of your visitors are.

Thanks to this information, rather than making our lives painful and frustrating with invasive and irrelevant advertisements all over the internet (please stop cutting YouTube videos every 3 minutes to suggest that I entrust you with my SEA campaigns, please … 😭).

Instead, you can send just what it takes for your prospect to solve their problem and better understand what they can do on their own or what they need to be supported (by you).

And, if he only wanted to enjoy your gray matter for free and never hear from you again, there is an “unsubscribe” button in all your emails. Magical!

We do not give a drink to a donkey that is not thirsty.

It’s called GDPR, it’s binding but in reality it’s common sense.

How does it work?

This is how we can schematize the operation of premium content:

Let’s take a concrete example:

It all starts with the arrival of a professional keen to deploy an effective marketing strategy.

He heard about “lead magnets” and after doing his google search he found an article that seemed relevant on the subject.

There he learns how to use this tool well and several examples of good premium content.

At the end of this article we suggest that he download a complete checklist to save time when creating his lead magnets and not forget anything.

Great idea!

He will therefore click on the call-to-action which offers him the download.

A button like this:

He arrives on a landing page, fills out a form, and a few minutes later receives the awesome list by email.

If that happens his next challenge will be to Wikipedia writers for hire effective landing page, so he could receive a ready-to-use template in 1 week to help him.

Isn’t life beautiful?

5 examples of effective lead magnets


An efficient and very useful tool for your visitors.

What is that?

The idea is to create a directly usable document so that your visitors can implement what you have taught them to do in an article. For example, in our article on building effective landing pages we offer 3 different templates to help our readers create their landing page.

Why does this work?

In fact it’s simple, what separates knowledge from competence is action. Have you read a great article? You are given immediately act vatable content that will guide you in implementing this new skill immediately. Together, these two contents actually give you a new skill.

In the 21st century, I don’t know of anything more valuable than competence.

So in summary, it is very effective because it has a lot of value, it does not take a lot of time to do when you master your subject and since it is not involving much for the visitor, the conversion rate of visitors to lead will be very good.

How to find template ideas to download

It is one of the lead magnets for which inspiration is the easiest to find. Indeed, if you use tools for your SEO, like SEMrush for example, look for queries that are associated with the word “template” or “example”. You will be surprised to see that these are items in high demand. In particular, we created a communication plan template after having identified that the query “example communication plan” was typed in numerous times every month.

What is that?

The principle is simple, it is an online event, in the form of a videoconference most of the time, which is organized on a specific subject. You must first register to participate, which is why it is considered a lead magnet. You’ve probably seen a bunch of them bloom in recent months (What a year 2020…).

Why does this work?

Unlike most of the other lead magnets cited, the webinar is very engaging for your prospect. Why? Because registering for a webinar is deliberately giving you one hour of attention, that is, sixty minutes, in other words, THREE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED SECONDS. It is gigantic in today’s world.

This means that fewer people will attend your webinar than those who will download your templates. On the other hand, they will be people who are particularly involved in solving a problem, in other words they are your future customers.

How do you choose the right topic for your webinar?

The topic of the webinar is crucial because unlike other magnet leads that may be based on an article for example, only the topic of the webinar will or will not attract your target. The topics of most interest are webinars that help identify complex issues as a whole.

For example, we see many webinars on how to initiate an effective inbound marketing strategy. Despite their number, they are often full. But we can go further with very specific webinars that will present a concrete case.

Example topic: How to go from 100 to 30,000 visitors per month in less than a year thanks to content marketing. Yes, this is the subject of one of our future webinars. Supporting figures.


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