5 Benefits of Indoor Rock Climbing

5 Benefits of Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is becoming a fun and popular, if unorthodox, method of exercise for both men and women of almost all ages. Unlike regular rock climbing, the indoor variant provides a safe and controlled environment in which you can get used to the techniques and methods used when climbing, helping you learn faster – and see results more quickly!

If you are considering indoor rock climbing as a workout, then here are five benefits of indoor rock climbing that may convince you to give it a try.

1. Indoor Rock Climbing Is An Efficient Form Of Exercise 

Most people who want to get fit know that they need to work out more, but they don’t know where or how to start. If you can’t go outdoors because of weather conditions or physical limitations, indoor rock climbing is the perfect solution for staying in shape all year round. 

Indoor rock climbing is also great for weight loss and burning calories, so if your goal is weight loss keeping indoor rock climbing into consideration might just help push you over the edge into success!

2. It Keeps Your Mind Active

Indoor rock climbing is an activity that requires concentration, strategy, and teamwork. It’s just like a sport – but with no competition. And indoor rock climbing can be done in group or solo sessions with experienced instructors at fully-equipped indoor rock climbing gyms.

Since indoor rock climbing is not only physical exercise, it also gets your mind active by making you think about body positioning during climbs, working within the limitations of ropes and harnesses, etc. This helps improve your focus when doing other tasks since you are used to having more than one thing on your mind at the same time.

3. Indoor Rock Climbing Improves Bone Strength 

Just like any athletic activity indoor rock climbing gets your bones strong by keeping them active. Climbing indoor creates a very specific kind of impact on your bones that differs from walking or other kinds of exercise. Indoor rock climbing forces you to use your muscles and body weight in ways that strengthen your bones, improving their resistance against injury.

Indoor rock climbing can help older people build stronger bones as well since it is an activity which requires physical exertion without the danger of getting injured like traditional sports do (like football or running). 

Based on current research indoor rock climbing is also good for people with physical disabilities like fibromyalgia, arthritis etc. Since indoor rock climbing doesn’t put excessive pressure on joints but instead has low impact on joints indoor rock climbing helps improve mobility and reduces aches and pains associated with disability or chronic pain.

4. Indoor Rock Climbing Is A Great Way To Relieve Stress And De-Stress

Part of indoor rock climbing’s benefits is that it offers a release for the everyday stresses we experience in our lives, like work and family problems. Outdoor rock climbing requires physical strength, endurance and ability to solve complex problems on the fly which means indoor rock climbers can let go of their mental blocks through indoor rock climbing by channelling all their energy into problem solving workout performance.

Indoor rock climbing doesn’t pose any risk or danger of falling from high altitude, so your body doesn’t have to deal with the fear of heights – therefore indoor rock climbers usually feel lighter after spending some time amidst rocks even if they don’t manage to climb anything! All in all, indoor rock climbing is mentally stimulating, but also relieving and relaxing.

5. It’s Fun!

While indoor rock climbing can be competitive at times, it is mostly a team activity where everybody supports each other to reach the top of the wall. Also, indoor rock climbers get to socialize with likeminded people who share their passion for indoor rock climbing and stay fit.

Indoor rock climbing gives you the opportunity to meet new friends while staying active and improving your fitness level – what more could you ask for? And indoor rock climbing gyms like Bould Move offer various membership options so everyone can start indoor rock climbing: from beginners to experienced athletes or professionals looking to compete in indoor rock climbing competitions, all indoor rock climbers are welcome!