5 Advantages of using tennis shoes on daily basis 

5 Advantages of using tennis shoes on daily basis 

Think fast: what is your favorite shoe? Flip-flops? Sandals? If you thought of sneakers, welcome to the club, this is also our favorite. But this preference is not by chance: it has an incredible history and its use has many advantages.

Would you like to know a little about the origin of tennis and its history? Then stay tuned to this post and understand!

Sneakers history: the origin! 

We know that tennis shoes are incredible and that everyone likes them. But have you ever stopped to think about how it came about?

It all started back in Ancient Greece, during the Olympic Games: the athletes began to use sandals made from leather straps and, thus, ended up being more effective than those who were barefoot. 

Considering the advantages, sports shoes became popular and, during the 18th century, the United Kingdom created a model especially for sports, made of flexible leather.

These shoes, until then, were not sneakers. The tennis shoe, in the form in which we know it today, was only created in 1839, in the United States, by means of a process called vulcanization.

This process consists in applying pressure and heat to rubber to provide greater preservation of the material. It was developed by a guy named Charles Goodyear, to improve the quality of his tires.

But it didn’t stop with tires, of course. Vulcanized rubber was also adopted in the soles of shoes, which until then were made of leather and became much more flexible.

Tennis history: the process 

Vulcanized rubber became beloved by the shoe industry, and in 1860 shoes with laces for sports were introduced. In 1908, the new era of the tennis shoe began.

Businessman Marquis M. Converse created the Converse All Star sneaker, in the USA, made of canvas and rubber, with the initial intention of promoting agility to basketball players. (If you want to know more about the history of the Converse All Star, click here ).

In 1917, another fever broke out in the USA: the Keds sneakers. They were considered an icon of modernity and to this day are widely used all over the world. Both All Star and Keds were successful and have transcended generations.

In 1920, the first model of running shoe was created by the German shoemaker Adolph Dassler (founder of Adidas), and this was only the beginning of shoe creations in the sports world.

Since then, companies have been developing and improving their shoes with various materials and designs. And it doesn’t stop there: technology goes hand in hand with sneakers, providing more and more comfort and practicality for people’s feet, both in sports and in the city.

The truth is that using these shoes has only advantages: the day-to-day becomes much more practical! Check it out!

5 Reasons for you to start using sneakers now! 

How often do you use sneakers? If you have not yet adopted them in your daily life, stay tuned to this list of reasons that will make you pay special attention to these shoes. Check it out!

1. It is comfortable 

Unlike a sapatenis, comfort is the main characteristic of the sneaker. As you can see, it was developed to bring more comfort and lightness to the feet, especially when practicing sports. 

And everyone knows that in sports functionality is everything: running, jumping, stooping… There are so many movements that cushioning becomes indispensable.

It is not only in sports that our feet need comfort – in everyday life, the footwear avoids blisters on the toes and difficulty in walking, problems that flip-flops and sandals end up bringing. Comfort is the great ally of well-being, even more so for those who do not change shoes for a long time.

2. It avoid health problems 

It seems insignificant, but wearing uncomfortable footwear can cause problems for your health. This is because a wrong footstep results in injuries, and pains can appear at the end of the day.

For you to understand, there are 3 types of footfalls: normal, pronated, and supinated. All of them need an anatomical accessory to avoid the pain caused by the impact of the foot with the ground. The good news is that every sneaker has an insole, some more comfortable than others, but all more efficient than flip-flops and sandals.

3. It’s versatile 

Another advantage of wearing sneakers on a daily basis is that it is super versatile and goes well with various occasions: work, college, nightclubbing, anyway. You can bet on the Superga sneakers, with neutral and modern models, or the ones full of presence, like the Farm sneakers, to create modern and different looks.

4. It is stylish and cool 

As everyone knows, the sneaker is immersed in the universe of the young, giving more style to any look, whatever the personality.

Besides being stylish, it is also cool: it breaks the serious air of an outfit, leaving it much more modern and casual. This means that it can be worn even with a more formal look, such as a shirt and blazer, or a dress. Bet on it to make your look more modern!

5. It’s a trend 

Previously intended only for sports, the sneaker has taken the place of sandals and shoes in the urban look. On the runways, the footwear is a great success in several versions: white, with platform, colored, high-top, and more. So besides being super comfortable, the tennis shoe is fashionable. If you want to abuse the trends, invest in it day to day!