4 Tips to Make Your Next Dinner Party Extra Special

4 Tips to Make Your Next Dinner Party Extra Special

The dinner party is the one thing that we’ve all done; invited the guests, made the food, provided some form of entertainment, then had to clean up and either thought why bother or how to do it better next time. Well, here are a few tips as to how you can host an extra special dinner party without getting to caught up in all the work and instead having as much fun as possible.

Know your guests likes and dislikes

One of the most important aspects of your next dinner party should be the fact that you know what your guests like and what they don’t. This is the easiest way to have a great night. Many a host often forgets that the night is about their guests and not themselves, so doing a little research and knowing what the guests like and what they don’t, and then providing them with this is the way to go. Rather than making a meal that you love and which you think will impress your guests, you need to find out from them what they don’t eat, any food allergies and what they like to eat, then cook accordingly.

Include some pre and after dinner cocktails

Arrival drinks are the norm, and you should try to spice yours with some great cocktails on arrival to set the tone and then keep them coming though the evening. Using a flavored liqueur is an easy way to do these, such as the ones from Oxton liqueur company that can all be used to make some really mild and simple cocktails. Simply by mixing with soda water or even lemonade. No tricky recipes and the need for specific flavors or mixers. Keep it simple but suave and keep the guests plied with the right sort of drinks.

Get your timings right

There’s nothing worse than making people wait or rushing through the meal. So, you need to have thought through the menu and worked out the timings to perfection. The courses should follow each other without too much delay, and yet the guests should have had a chance to relax and let the previous course settle.

Include some in between course palette cleansers

Yes, it’s going to be more work, but the points you will get from your guests for the inter course palette cleansers and treats will be remembered for many dinner parties to come. Try to keep them within the specific meal theme, but again keep it simple and a few plain citrus sorbets, plain crackers, fruit and vegetables and some herbs always work well to cleanse the palette and leave you wanting the next course.

A great dinner party is all about the planning that you do before hand and the ability to keep the conversation going at the table in between the courses. Knowing your guests, and then being able to plan the meal accordingly is the best way to feed them the right food. The next best tip is to keep it as simple as possible.