4 Advantages of WiFi Marketing That Helps Create a Competitive Edge

wifi marketing

The success and failure of your business entirely depends on its ability to innovate. If you are not keeping up with your customer’s demands and the new trends of the market, you’re doomed to fall behind. You will be out of the favor of the buyer because your competitor will be following those trends. One latest trend that most companies have already adopted is offering the service of free WiFi to their customers. Many offline businesses are availing themselves of the opportunity to reach customers where they are. They are using their WiFi for WiFi Marketing in order to grow their businesses.

According to a study, there are around 9 billion WiFi-enabled devices present in the whole world. Another study revealed that 82% of customers consult their phones during a shopping experience. So, you can use WiFi to get all of the benefits of offering public WiFi besides using new ways to get key offers in front of the customers that matter. If you are not already using your WiFi for business growth, here are some of the advantages of this service that will compel you to follow this marketing trend.

What Is WiFi Marketing?

When a retailer provides free WiFi to its shoppers and uses this channel to communicate messages and promotions to them, this is called WiFi marketing. It’s is one of the most trending ways brick-and-mortar businesses are embracing the digital world. This process creates a multichannel experience for the shoppers. The guest WiFi a business is offering has a coverage area, likely within the border of its store.

When a customer comes in with a WiFi-enabled device, he will see the WiFi network. And when he tries to connect with it, he will reach a WiFi landing page set by that physical retailer. And there, he will share some information with the provider. The provider will then use that information for the purpose of remarketing. Some businesses offer full internet access while others only grant access to certain sites or apps. The latter is more useful because it enables them to control the environment and drive customers to their promotions.

Benefits of Wireless Internet Marketing for Businesses: 

The reason behind the fact that most business owners think about offering Wi-Fi in their venues is that they know about the effects it has on customer behavior.

Data Collected can Improve In-store Operations and Promotions:

Although it seems like offering guest WiFi to your customers is only a way to offer value to them, yet in reality, it is even more beneficial for your business. The data you collect through the system has immense value for the business. By analyzing the behavior, trends, and foot traffic of your customer, you will be able to improve your in-store operations and promotions.

Get to Know Your Customers:

When a shopper tries to connect to your free WiFi, he will arrive at a WiFi landing page, where you will ask him some questions. The answers to these questions will help you in getting to know your customer. You can also give him an option of connecting through their social media account to save his time. His login credentials will automatically give you some details of him.

This data will help you better understand the demographics of your customers, their interests, and their behavior. And on the basis of this information, you can offer certain items that you know will be popular among them. You can also create promotions based on demographic data.

Send Push Messages and Notifications to Customers Near or In Your Business:

When a shopper logs into your guest WiFi, you will be able to send push notifications for marketing additional products or services to them. These notifications and messages can increase the return rates of your customers.  And attracting people who might not have come in that day will certainly grow your business.

Additionally, you can also send targeted notifications by using geofences to shoppers as they move throughout your store. These push messages can help in boosting your in-store sales through deals and upsells sent to customers while they’re in your premises.

Share Information on the Login Landing Page:

Like the other marketing channels, Wi-Fi marketing is an opportunity to share information with customers that they otherwise might not have known. By creating dedicated landing pages, you can promote new products and services, share facts about your brand, and provide news updates to your customers. Some retailers are also using landing pages to let customers know about holiday hours and opening-closing hours. All in all, using WiFi for business growth is the most in-demand strategy of all physical companies.


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