2 Ways To Setup Linksys WiFi Range Extender

Do you want to set up your Linksys Wifi Extender? If you are nodding in yes, then you need to follow these setup steps. In this process, these methods will help you.

Setup Your Linksys WiFi Extender By Manually

These are the few steps which you require them to follow:

  1. Both the extender and computer lie in the same room.
  2. Now, put the plug of the extender or computer in the power socket.
  3. Open a web browser.
  4. Next, enter this IP 168 1.1 in the URL bar.
  5. After that, follow the on screen instructions and enter your login credentials.

Setup Your Linksys WiFi Extender By WPS

WPS stands as a security standard for wireless network connection which is very helpful in making stable connection between your extender and your wireless device. We are having top ways to set up your extender via WPS or either, you can also use the physical button of extender or login to the web based linksys extender setup page. Pick only one step from the given options.

(a)  Via WPS Button:

Now, you can follow the instructions to set up your Linksys WiFi extender with the help of the WPS button.

  • Firstly, keep your WiFi extender into the power socket.
  • Now, press the WPS button for 30 seconds.
  • After that, when your WiFi extender shows a solid green LED light, it means you are successful in this process.

(b) By Web Base WPS Button:

In this, we will provide you three options. Which names are via WPS button, by WPS pin and via the router’s pin.

  1.  Via WPS Button:

Firstly, go to the Linksys wireless range extender and click on the wireless then WPS button. Next, you can press the WPS button of your WiFi extender to start the setup process. Now, click on the enable option after the WPS button.

  1.  By WPS Pin:

There is only a chance that your device includes a WPS pin. Fill that number in the other field of the extender setup web based page.

  1. Via The Router’s Pin:

In that case, if the device of your client demands the router pin then fill that number in the third field on linksys extender setup page.

Once the WPS light is regularly stable, it means you are successfull in this process.

Setup Your Linksys Extender In AP Mode

You can easily set up your Linksys WiFi extender in AP mode. When you are working in the AP mode, then the extender can simply increase your existing WiFi network by connecting to your AP or router with the use of a cable. As it in turn enables your WiFi extender to have small performances of loss and drop connection. If you want better WiFi connection, then make your Linksys extender setup in AP mode.

Requirements For Extender Setup Access Point

Before starting the Linksys extender, make sure the following:

  • Firstly, you need your credentials.
  • Secondly, use an Ethernet cable, which is capable of connecting your Linksys WiFi extender to the router.

When you have these mention things with you, then you can easily follow the guidelines to set your Linksys WiFi extender as an AP:

  1. Firstly, you should plug your extender into the power outlet and turn on the switch.
  2. One end of the ethernet cable goes into the router and the other end to your Linksys WiFi extender.
  3. Now, open any web browser.
  4. Next, go to the web page on Linksys extender setup.
  5. After that, create a new admin password for your Linksys WiFi extender and click on the save.

Now, you have successfully set up with your Linksys WiFi extender in the AP mode.


If the extender’s connection is not stable after the setup, check the firmware of your device. You need to update the firmware from time to time. Below the steps are helpful for your process:

  1. Upgrade the process of extender go to the online extender setting portal.
  2. Now, open the web browser or safari.
  3. Thereafter, enter this linksys extender login in the URL bar.
  4. After that, enter your credentials for login.
  5. In addition, go to the administration section.
  6. Inside the settings you will see an option of firmware upgrade.
  7. Next, click the option on upgrade firmware. It will start the process.
  8. Ensure that you do not interrupt the setup process. Because it can easily corrupt the firmware.
  9. Lastly, to improve the functionality and performance of your device, you need to update your firmware.

To conclude..

In this post, you get the knowledge about the setup method of your Linksys WiFi extender. We hope it will help you to sort out your issues. In the other case, if you are still facing any problem then you can drop a message in our comment box. We will give you a reply soon.