15 Tips to Prepare and Pass the CISA Examination

15 Tips to Prepare and Pass the CISA Examination

CISA certificate is acceptable by most of the companies in the world. Passing this CISA Certification Examination is one of the most challenging things. If any aspirant wants to clear this exam, they have to do a lot of hard work. They have to focus and be very much determined if they are going to clear the exam. Beforehand only, they have to set a goal and work accordingly. It is advisable to acquire a timeline and manage their time according to it. Preparing is the most crucial step.

Steps and majors you should follow to get prepared and clear the exam.

If you want to pass the exam, then you must take care of these three vital steps:

  1. Crack the CISA Certification Examination

It is the first stage that an aspirant must follow. If they want to hold this certificate, then they must clear the CISA training  examination. If you don’t remove the CISA Certification Examination, you are not eligible for this CISA Certificate.

  1. Work Experience

The second step is to have work experience of a minimum of 5years in a related field. Not only in this field, but there are also other substitutions which you can follow. If not this, then you can be part of additional exemptions and substitutions.

  1. Follow the Code of Conduct

The last step is to follow the organization’s rules, regulations, and ethics. So, these are some of the actions which you must follow to get the certificate.

There are also some crucial tips and techniques that you should follow if you want to be well prepared for the examination:

  1. Must Use the CRM or CISA Review Manual

The CISA Review Manual is updated each year, and a candidate who wants to get qualified in this test must have this CISA Review Manual. You can download it online, or you can purchase it from your nearby book stores. In this Review manual, you will directly not find the exact questions, but you can know what kind of questions will come from here. Here more knowledge about the exam is given.

  1. Follow the CISA Review Q&A Manual

A candidate must have this Q&A Manual with them. Here in this manual, you will find different questions and solutions to the questions, which will help you know what kind of questions will come or the main domain to focus more on. This manual is similar to a booster or helper, which will help you to crack the exam.

  1. Refer to Online Resources

 The information which is available online is very much essential. It may be any video, lecture, or study material. Anything available online is very much crucial. You will find all kinds of materials that will help you clear the exam. Many courses will give you knowledge about the exam, and they will guide you to crack the entrance.

  1. Get your Plan Ready Beforehand

The most important thing if you are preparing for the CISA exam is that you must plan your strategy. The most preferred time for preparation is 4 to 5 months before the exam. You can also start your preparations beforehand, but this time 4-5 months is sufficient for preparation if your background is from auditing and IT security.

  1. Try not to Waste your Time by giving Online Free Tests

The format of the exam or the exam pattern keeps on changing from time to time. So there is no value if you practice the outdated questions. It is very much vital that you don’t waste your time while solving obsolete questions. The question papers which are available on the internet for free are primarily outdated questions, or they are of not no use. So, don’t give free online tests.

  1. Keep on Giving Mock Tests before the Exam Date is Released

Once the exam date is known to you all, then it is very much necessary that you become very serious and you start solving your sample test questions. You must give full test papers to know what the mistakes you have made are. You can also manage your time correctly.

  1. Keep on Revising

Revision is a must. You might have completed your course earlier. After the exam dates are declared, you start revising the system that you have completed earlier.

  1. Don’t Panic Day Before the Exam

 They panic and get so nervous the day before the exam that they don’t rest and keep studying for the whole night. Don’t repeat this mistake. Instead, you must be very calm and relaxed before the exam so that you won’t forget those things you have read earlier.

  1. Be Relaxed and Give the test

You need to revise and memorize all the concepts before opting to sit in the examination. You shall have a calm composure and deal with the questions.

  1. Choose Your Option Wisely

Out of the four choices in many questions, you will find both the choices suitable for the answer. So here you have to be very much careful and work accordingly. Which option would be best suited? You have to choose that option.

  1. Check your Answers Before Submitting

Before submitting your paper, you must check your answer to fill in all the answers. If anywhere you have not filled your answer, then you can fill it again. Revise your answers twice if you have time left with you.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry to Reach the Examination Center

Don’t hurry to reach the examination hall before time. Be early to the center with proper help. This time is very much crucial for doing last time revision. So, revise everything and enter the room calmly.


One needs to go through all the pointers in the article to grasp the tips and ideas for preparing a healthy outcome. With a perfect combination of composure and skills, the CISA exam will help you in future aspects.