10 Interesting Facts about Balochistan You Should Know About

10 Interesting Facts about Balochistan You Should Know About

Pakistan’s province Balochistan is a beautiful place rich in natural resources. It is divided into six divisions which are further divided into 32 districts; amongst them, Quetta is the largest city and capital of Balochistan.

In this article, we have covered 10 interesting facts about Balochistan.

1. Largest Province of Pakistan

Balochistan covers the total 44 per cent of land mass of the country, which is 347190 sq. KM. This province is surrounded by many countries, i.e. Iran in the south-west, Afghanistan in the north, and Punjab with Sindh and Khaidar to the northeast.

The Arabian sea also lies towards the south of Balochistan.

2. Famous Route that the British used to invade Afghanistan

Quetta is located in the northeast portion near Bolan pass on the Sulaiman Mountain. It is the capital city of Balochistan. It was the famous route that the British, along with other civilizations, used to take in the historic era to invade Afghanistan.

Many years ago, the traders from other countries followed this path by crossing Bolan pass and the Kandahar region to enter the country. 

3. A Natural hub of Minerals 

If we call Balochistan a Natural hub of Minerals, it wouldn’t be wrong. In this place, nature stores both types of resources, i.e. renewable and non-renewable.

Since large numbers of natural resources are found here, it is popular as the provider of raw materials for Pakistan’s industries.

In addition, for Pakistan, Balochistan is the second-largest natural gas supplier.

4. Rich History of Balochistan

This place faces many historical moments from 7000 BC to the 11th century. Mahmud of Ghaznavi captured this place way back in the 11th century. It is to be said that some parts of the great Indus Valley Civilization are located in Balochistan.

The earliest settlement of the Indus valley i.s. Mehrangarh took place way back in 7000 BC and is still situated in Balochistan.

5. Fruit Garden of Pakistan 

In Quetta, Numerous fruit orchards are there, and they generate the best quality fruits of various varieties, which are popular in the entire country. Not only fruits, but this place also produces good quality dry fruits; they are an integral part of their people’s diet.

Dry fruits and various other nuts are also exported to other countries.

6. Dependency on Natural outcomes

The primary income source of Balochistan’s people is natural outcomes like gas, coal excavation and minerals.

This beautiful place has many rivers and water bodies, giving rise to the fishery. Now, it has become an integral part of their economy.

Moreover, some private and public industries are also there, employing manufacturing and trading. 

7. Quetta, the lake beauty 

The capital of Balochistan, Quetta, is a high altitude city in Pakistan. The gorgeous Hanna lake, surrounded by hills, is just ten kilometres away from the city.

Hanna Lake is known for its majestic beauty that captures people’s attention. Moreover, a turquoise blue lake with white mountain background is also there.

The gorgeous lake view provides inner peace and is famous for its serene atmosphere.

8. Different Climate 

This gorgeous place can be divided into three parts to understand climate, i.e. upper and lower highlands and the plains.

Each pair has different climate conditions; upper highlands face the coldest winters among all parts, and sometimes temperatures drop below freezing point. 

In contrast, the plains area has mild winters, but it faces blazing hot summers where temperatures shoot up to 50 degrees. In 2010, the Sibi faced temperatures up to 53 degrees.

9. Great food cuisines 

This place has some of the best Pakistani food cuisines where you can find popular Balochistan foods like Khadi Kabab, Balochi Sajji and Balochi Kabab.

You will find different food varieties in different regions; each region has its own popular dish.

10. Bazuki, the famous sport

The national sport of Afghanistan, i.e. Bazuki is very famous in Balochistan and is played by the Pashtuns.

Two teams are required to play this game, in which all players try to catch the goat carcass from the opponent team while riding on horseback.


Balochistan is a beautiful place filled with natural resources. So far, we have shared ten interesting facts about this gorgeous place. Which one do you find most exciting?