10 Best YouTubers Talking About Healthcare

10 Best YouTubers Talking About Healthcare

It’s not a secret that each medical student has their own methods for making the learning process more enjoyable and efficient. In terms of alternative learning approaches, YouTube’s helpful material is putting the site at the top of the list.

An increasing number of medical-related channels and videos are available on YouTube, making it an excellent resource for aspiring healthcare practitioners and any YouTubers even buy youtube likes. Our selection of the best 10 medical YouTube channels is here, it will help you study medicine in a more entertaining and efficient manner.

1. Harsh Pandey

Known as “The Flying Beast,” he tops the Indian health and fitness YouTubers in terms of popularity. This YouTuber’s videos are so relatable that viewers return to watch them over and over again. As a 35-year-old multifaceted personality, Gaurav Taneja is a Vlogger, Pilot, fitness fanatic, and promising lawyer from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. 

The “Power couple” of Gaurav Taneja and Rani is well-known. In December of 2017, he began his adventure on YouTube, and now, Gaurav is an inspiration to many people because of his zeal and dedication to working out. In spite of his status as a professional pilot, his YouTube channels propelled him to stardom. His YouTube popularity is far from over, with millions of followers to his credit.

2. Vivek Mittal

Fit Tuber, Vivek Mittal’s YouTube alias, is well-known among fitness enthusiasts. Health advice, product reviews, fast healthy recipes, motivational videos, and training videos are some of the things he offers. People follow him because he posts honest product evaluations, and they put their faith in his advice.

3. Rohit Khatri

Rohit is a well-known sports nutritionist and fitness teacher. In addition to posting videos of his exercises, he also evaluates items and provides advice on how to do them. Aside from that, he hopes to inspire and educate others about fitness and nutrition by providing his services as a personal trainer. 

Rohit originates from New Delhi and has a long-term goal of delivering high-quality information to his audience. He hasn’t looked back since he began his YouTube account in 2016. Providing bodybuilding instruction and inspiration to a large number of people, he had a significant impact.

4. Jeet Selal 

Many people are impressed by the way Jeet Selal, a very successful YouTuber, shares information and creates high-quality material for the sports and fitness sector. Many young individuals obsessed with fitness and the gym look up to him as a role model. 

People have fallen in love with him because of his incredible body, character, and expertise. After moving to Australia with his wife, Jeet was born in Uttarakhand but now lives there. It’s partly because of this that he has started a firm called Himalayan Stallion, which aims to raise awareness about the dangers of drug use. Many sports companies are represented by Jeet and he also operates a Gym in the city of Surat.

5. Sahil Khan 

Bollywood actor Sahil Khan says that he is the first Bollywood actor to have a YouTube channel. A well-known fitness entrepreneur got his start in Bollywood movies. In his films, Sahil Khan shows his work in fitness, bodybuilding, health, travel, cuisine, fashion, and a wide range of other inspiring subjects. 

Born and raised in Kolkata, this fitness phenom is known for his opulent lifestyle and beautiful physique. However, his dedication to bodybuilding and the way he handles his personal life make many want to follow him. In 2022, Sahil Khan will have a net worth of $6 million, and he is an ambassador for many well-known Indian businesses. His lifestyle and fitness inspire the next generation.

6. Ranvir Allahbadia

He is a social media influencer, a motivational speaker, and a leadership coach. Since launching his YouTube channel Beerbiceps in 2015, he’s gained a large following.

He also has a podcast called “The Ranvir show,” which you can listen to here. People are motivated by his YouTube videos and follow him as a result. Self-improvement and entrepreneurship are major themes on this channel.

7. Guru Manns.

His 50+ free workout and nutrition programmes are the first of their kind in the world. Fitness trainer, motivational speaker, model, CEO, and entrepreneur, this well-known YouTuber does it all. Aside from such works, he penned a slew of articles and books on health and fitness. 

Those who wish to grow muscle, lose weight, eat healthily, and engage in exercise routines may find the greatest strategies on Guru Mann’s channel. With the help of T-series and YouTube, Guru Mann has launched a series of workout films that have gained a following on the site.

8. Rubal Dhankars

He is a Delhi Police Constable, a Fitness Model, and a popular YouTuber who gained recognition in 2016 when he appeared in the popular reality programme Roadies X4 and became an internet sensation. 

To many young people, he is a role model for how to achieve a lean, athletic physique. Thus, his channels began to provide helpful advice to fans on many fitness and health topics, including bodybuilding and muscle growth. The younger generation, many of whom identify as X Roadies, is particularly interested in learning about the way he lives.

9. Aadil Khan is a 9-year-old.

Aadil Khan is a multi-talented YouTube celebrity, choreographer, fitness blogger, and actor, and he has a large following. Nasar is another name for him. His YouTube channel is filled with recordings of him collaborating with celebrities on dance routines. Indian-born Aadil Khan is a YouTube star who draws viewers who like dancing and admire his dedication to physical training. A dance video he did to Guru Randhawa’s song shot him to fame.

10. Amit Panghal

Subedar Amit Panghal is a Junior Commissioned Officer in the Indian Army and an amateur boxer. He’s a multiple-time world boxing champion and an Asian Games gold medallist. Amit Panghal, a bodybuilder from Delhi, is a popular YouTuber, and his various accomplishments motivate others to learn more about the world around them. It is all about working out at the gym and achieving your fitness objectives.